Shenstone Photography ... I put that pebble on the beach

Albert and the Olympus
Its a Dogs Life I
Its a Dogs Life II
I put that Pebble

I put that pebble on the beach,
I know nature put it on the beach first, but
I put it there!

I gave the pebble to the sea,
I put it on the tide line,
I gave it to the waves to play with.

The sea pushed my pebble aside.
The sea knew it wasn't where it was meant to be.
The sea knew best!

The waves kept me entertained,
The waves toyed with my pebble,
The waves had fun.

I'll always remember the minutes
When the sea and the waves and I played with that pebble,
I started that pebble on a whole new journey.

Maybe I'll do the same someday !

Maybe today?