"Civilisation exists by geological consent.... subject to change without notice."

American Historian Will Durant (18851981)

Well that's what it means for us all, and if you take the time to consider volcano's, Tsunami's, earthquakes, landslides, mudslides and more you wil no doubt agree. However geology has been for me personlaly, an interest, a passion, a career and now it is is just a hobby that means taht I travel to intersting places to see it

It is one of the sciences that I always would advise for study whether youong or old it has features that none of the other sciences can bring when studied alone. You need to learn something of physics, chemistry, biology and more, and then you need to consider how they operate over times almost unimaginable and then you realise it is something that you can enjoy whereever you are from viewing landscapes, building stones, fossils or living creatures that have evolved from them.

The range and beauty of intricate creatures and environments that existed in the past never ceases to entertain and amaze, and to learn how the past shaped the present gives a unique understanding of everything around us.

As mentioned, geology has the almost unique aspect of being a science you can enjoy anywhere from the stunning coasts and mountains to the intricacies of the building stones on every building around us and often the very floors we are standing on

Within these pages you will see rocks, fossils and minerals and I will endeavour to explain what they are and why I'm looking at them

Edmontosaurus Fossils are my passion, from Dinosaurs to microfossils, there is beauty in all of their forms, and the stories that the remains that are left can tell us are incredible. From fragmentary evidence we can build up whole life (and death) stories, and even work out how an anumal or plant decomposed after death and the effect that this had on the area around it.

The traces of living creatures also inform us and you can see some of these on the footprints page and a detailed description of why they are so interesting

If you are interested in learning some more about the topic, some of the principles and subjects are explained here

Geologists Study the following topics to enable them to understand the earth and its history

All of this allows us to determine such things as

Within these pages you will see examples of many of these features, and in other sections (such as landscape and travel) you will see others

One of the reasons that geology is such an enjoyable interest is that it can be practised almost anywhere from beautiful landscapes to building stones

All of my pictures are taken with my Olympus camera equipment