We used to have quite a detailed biography, but that's not adviseable any more so here's a quick summary

Andy's Bio

Originally from Scarborough in North Yorkshire, UK.

I moved away to study Geology in Leicester in the Midlands of the UK and then on to find work which brought me to South Wales

Since moving here in 1984 to work in the Geology Department of the National Museum of Wales I have worked variously in Geology and IT jobs in various companies in South Wales and the South West (with one small stint on an Oil Rig in the North Sea which exploded just after I left it ... not my fault you understand.

I finally ended up as IT Manager for a manufacturing site for a large American owned multinational corporation which payed the mortgage, but gave that up a while ago to do more things like this.

I describe my style as "competent" rather than artistic. I know a number of excellent artists and would never claim to have the sort of brain that can originate fantastic images from nothing, but I think I can drive the technology correctly and I know enough about it to understand how to get it to do some things that I want it to do. I also think that I understand when the view in front of me really deserves to be captured and how to do it which is after all what 90 percent of landscape photography is about.

Having a good understanding of the environment I think adds to the interest of any picture which is why i add information pages to all of my photo galleries. if you note any errors please do get in touch with the details

Rhian's Bio

Originally from Caerphilly, South Wales, UK she's stayed nearer at home, but had plenty of adventures working and traveling abroad (principally in SE Asia) and through the UK.

She's a Geologist with an the British Geological Survey and an Artist as you can see on her website at www.carreg.org.uk and in her gallery at issa.org.uk

Who is Shenstone and why the name

Shenstone is the name of our house. Andy & Rhian own the House, and so the website