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One of my most keen interests other than photography is Wildlife. Not the Saturday Night type of wildlife ( mind you that could provide some interesting pictures if I was brave enough to venture into that arena with a camera). The type that grows or lives around us all wherever we are

Happily this is something that lends itself to photography and I strive to get better at recording it given the limited time I have to enjoy both

On these pages are a series of pictures that have been taken on various trips around the UK (and europe in one case)

Flowers have the advantage over Animals in that they generally are not moving much (OK yes I know they can blow in the wind)

Wildlife photography is one of the reasons I chose the Olympus E-Series cameras. The 2 times multiplcation based on the lens length and sensor size gives all the lenses quite some extra reach when trying to capture insects etc whilst the Image Stabilising system built into the camera bodies of the E-510 and the E-30 I have gives quite some advantage when shooting in less than perfect conditions

Add to this the sharpness of the ZD lenses and the excellent colour rendition in the out of camera JPG files and you have in my mind a winning conbination

I'm not one to knock any camera brand for the sake of it (which is unfortunately quite a habit of some in the photo forums) I just give my reasons for my decisions