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An evening out in late summer can be one of the most wonderful times that you can have and you get to see some of the most stunning scenes that the planet can provide

The colours in these pictures are not enhanced at all in terms of colours. they are straight from the camera with just minor sharpening and croping where necessary.

The first few shots are from Branscombe beach in Devon where I have spent many a happy few hours, whilst the rest of the sequence is from one week in Cardiff and Newport in late summer 2009 where every evening provided another spectacular vista which I was happy to enjoy.

The fishing pictures show how it's not just photographers who like to be out enjoying the late sunshine, and the pylons show how it's not just nature that can look good under such lighting conditions.

The secrets in capturing sunsets are to be in the right place for a picture just before you think it will be ready as a sunset to get yourself set-up, and don't let your camera take all the decisions as a fully automatic set-up will lighten a dark sky and lose the depth of the colours

The pictures are all taken on an Olympus E-510 camera with a selection of lenses and settings used