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Welcome to galleries I hope you ejjoy looking at many of the pictures you will find here

Pictures are arranged in themed galleries which I hope you find easy to navigate.

I have also included an information page in each gallery section which gives information about the pictures you can see in that gallery, and in some of the gallery sections I have also included a more general information page to give you information about th etopic in that section

Obviously as it's a photo site there are plenty of pictures and it's a constant struggle to determine what is the best size for display

With modern netbooks and laptops mostly going backwards to smaller screens I'm not showing most pictures at a high resolution,
but I hope they are big enough to enjoy

With the Simpleviewer Slide Show viewer you have the capability of selecting full screen viewing and to enjoy the pictures at their best I would recommend that you select this option.

It allows the pictures to be viewed up to their full sizes, which are admittedly still relatively small to allow them to load to a computer in a reasonable time.

Like Most photographers I'm always trying to improve so I'm happy to receive feedback to

All pictures have been processed with either Faststone ( if the out of camera file was OK and all I needed to do was resize it), or with Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Microsoft ICE (yes they've done something good and free) and anything else I needed to use if I didn't get it quite right or some serious processing was needed.

I've not included details on every picture in the website. I have now started up a blog site