Why are they important to me and to the world?

back in 1986 I had teh priveledge of working on an exhibition of thes fantastic creatures. it was the first time that these had been shown outside of China and whilst there have been other exhibtions of them you they will never be the first (despite some clever wording that some exhibitions have used).

The agreement to get these sent to the UK had been arranged by Professor Mike Bassett of the National Museum of Wales and we eagerly awaited their arrival whilst we cleared out all of the things that were normally in the east wing of the museum ground floor and basement levels (much to the disapproval of our bontany colleagues who were asked to move their displays out). The day finally came in october 1986 when two large containers arrived at the front of the museum and we were able to start seeing things for the first time.

Local and national media were extremely interested in the exhibition and we had good coverage from local media and we had the pleasure of appearing on Blue Peter (I still have my badge!).

One of th ehighlights was that the celebrated welsh cartoonist Gren did a wonderful rendering of the then director chasing a dog who had run out of the museum.

Clearly the clippings and poster are not my pictures, but I hope that the relevant sources consider this "fair use" in telling my story.

These pictures are from scanned slides which were taken by a young and not very competent photographer (me) hence the poor quality, but I have wanted to share these for a while and have finally done so in the hope that some people find them interesting. if you do please feel free to contact me via the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.

The Science of the understanding of these creatures has moved on a lot since 1986 and therefore I am not going to write about them in any technical sense. Here are links to Wikipedia pages that will stay relevant.